Hackney Marsh User Group are carrying out a survey of the woodland around the eastern fringe of Hackney Marsh this spring. We will record the trees, shrubs and ground flora to establish a base-line for monitoring changes over time.  The data we gather will help us understand the significance of this area of woodland and  contribute to Hackney's biodiversity action plan and to the Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL).  Learn how to identify and record size, condition and species of trees, shrubs and plants, create useful records, and most important get out and about in your local greenspace

Free sessions but limited places so we can provide enough materials for everyone. To book a place email studio@pbr.co.uk; you will be sent a link to a schedule where you can choose your preferred sessions. Weekday and weekend options. 

Session dates; - please contact us to confirm 


Sunday March 18th 

Wednesday March 21st 

Thursday March 29th 


Sunday April 8th 

Wednesday April 11th, 

Saturday April 21st 

Friday April 27th 


Sunday May 6th 

Training will be given and identification guides provided.

There will be a competition for the best short prose description of the our woodland; open to anyone who attends two sessions.  Winning piece will be posted on the Sustainable Hackney website with suitable accolades.  

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