Air Pollution artwork by Houses of Parliament on until this Sunday 28th October


Video Projection times: 6.30pm-12.00

Dates: 9th-28th October

Location and best view: Westminster Bridge, SE1 7HY.

A major new artwork by artist Dryden Goodwin is being projected from the roof of St Thomas’ Hospital, London every evening until 28th October as a large scale outdoor video projection, shown above, exploring how air sustains us but also corrupts and damages our young.

Dryden Goodwin has created a series of expressive pencil drawings, which, when combined and animated, show a young boy (head and torso) progressing through fluctuating breathing patterns, at some moments regular, and at others more laboured as he stares out from the frame.

Breathe takes a critical perspective on London’s air quality. London is one of the most polluted cities in Europe despite air pollution having a visible noted effect on health. Official studies show that air pollution – mainly from traffic – causes more premature deaths than passive smoking and traffic accidents combined, at a cost of about £2bn a year.

Breathe emphasizes the physicality of the act of breathing and draws attention to the vulnerability of children whose developing respiratory system is most at risk from pollution.

London has consistently failed to meet targets and timetables to reduce both the quantity of soot in the London air (known as PM10s) and of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a gas emitted mainly from burning diesel fuel. In April 2011, London had already peaked at 36 days of bad air quality exceeding the 35 day limit of the whole year.

Breathe is produced by Invisible Dust curated by Alice Sharp based in Dalston. For more info see:

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