Better Breakfast Guide launched – to help businesses serve more sustainable fare

The Better Breakfast Guide aims to help restaurants, hotels and caterers make their menus rise and shine!

The guide includes an ingredient-by-ingredient review of the sustainability issues to consider, the easy and cheap swaps that can be made to improve the environmental and ethical effects of the items served, and five inspiring case studies from caterers who are serving up some of the capital's most sustainable breakfasts. The guide also lists a number of example suppliers, taken from Sustain's Local Food Finder.

Breakfast can be a surprisingly complicated affair for caterers from a sustainability point of view. Coffee from impoverished farmers in developing countries, pork from low-welfare pigs, eggs from caged hens, tomatoes from hot-houses in Holland, intensively farmed salmon – the list goes on. But the Better Breakfasts guide is here to help, giving restaurants and caterers the information they need to help them negotiate the ethical minefield that is the first meal of the day.

The Better Breakfasts guide was written and produced by Sustain's Ethical Eats team, which coordinates a network of London restaurants and caterers interested in improving the sustainability of of the food they serve. For more information on joining the Ethical Eats network, or on ways to make the breakfasts you serve more sustainable, email Charlotte (

The guide is available from

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