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About the coalition

The Hackney Climate Coalition aims to consult, support and hold Hackney Council accountable for delivery of their climate emergency targets and mobilise community action in support of net zero.   We will also press for national action to enable local climate targets to be delivered.

We are looking to engage with the development of Hackney's Climate Action Plans, and develop work streams aligned with each of the plans:  1. Retrofit, 2. Low carbon development, 3. Low carbon transport, 4. Energy and renewables, 5. Consumption emissions, 6. Green Economy, 7. Resilient & Green. 

Action on the climate emergency also needs to engage and involve residents, communities and local businesses. Members of the coalition will work together to develop actions which support net zero.

We encourage everyone to get involved.  Please complete the form below or email us at hcc@sustainablehackney.org.uk.

We will launch the coalition at our AGM on October 27th, and we are organising for a strong Hackney presence at the climate demo in London on 6th November

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Email: info@sustainablehackney.org.uk

Twitter: @SustainHackney

Facebook: @SustainHackney

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Many local organisations and individual members support our work. Find out more.


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