What changes would we like to see in Hackney, within the next 4-5 years or so?

What is our vision for a more sustainable Hackney?

What specific improvements would you like to see made, who should make them, and what would you see as positive trends?

What can individuals, community groups, businesses, local government do to encourage and support sustainability in Hackney ?

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New green spaces in all areas of deficiency in access to nature.  A large area of south/western/central Hackney is more than 200m from a nature reserve. All developments in areas where people do not have immediate access to Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs) should always be required to provide public open space and/or significantly enhanced wildlife habitat. This is part of current planning guidance but is always ignored.

Also no more school rebuilds like Horizon and Stormont where every living thing is obliterated in purported improvements for the benefit of children.  Since when was destroying green place space a benefit for children?

A sustainable green future means open space, trees and wildlife habitat. Hedgehogs and bats not flats up to the pavement edge and Greenwash 'living' walls and Black Redstart grey roofs.

So lets count all the open space we have lost in the last 10 years orgy of development, all the front and back gardens built over, sports developments in parks, brownfield sites developed, school rebuilds (LBH planning doesn't even know what space has been lost); and lets have a commitment to re-opne as least as much space as we have lost.

My guess is that would mean at least 10 Ha of new open space in Hackney alone.


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