Undergraduate Dissertation: Sustainability of the Olympics



I am a final year Undergraduate Geography student at Loughborough University.


In the next five months it is a requirement of my course that I write a dissertation. I have chosen my subject to be the sustainability of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, particularly how green the Games have been and the environmental impact on East London.

I know that Hackney is one of the five Olympic boroughs and I would be grateful for information from anyone who has any views on sustainability of the games, any facts and figures you are able to give me, whatever they may be, so I can get a more broad view of how the Games has affected London.
If anyone is willing to help me I have attached a set of questions. If you would be able to fill them in with as much information as you can give me and then send it to c.boulter11@googlemail.com by the end of November that would be fantastic. I am happy to receive personal opinions as well as any factual information. Please do not feel obliged to answer all the questions, just as many as you are comfortable with.
All answers will remain confidential and if you don't want your name to be used in the write up of the results please note this at the appropriate part of the questionnaire.
Thanks for your help and please return completed questions to me by the end of November.
Chloe Boulter

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Have you read gamesmonitor.org.uk  including this Corporate Watch report?

And about Leyton Marsh?

I have not read about either of those although I am familliar with the games monitor website.




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