Too many young plants - the results of self-seeding.?

I am trying to make a small garden.  My cats dig up any seeds and very small plants. I'm not experienced enough with cuttings to succeed yet.  Buying plants from big companies can be expensive and possibly unnecessary.

I'm  starting with flowers and shrubs.  There are some beautiful flowering/non flowering/fragrant/ornamental plants that grow very well in Hackney.  I am based in Lower Clapton.

Do any members who have excess plants from self seeding that may be due to be pulled up and composted? 

I'm aware that I have just missed a seed-swap plant event in Springfield Park recently. So I thought there's no harm in asking about this.  Many Thanks

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I'm also in Lower Clapton & happy to bear you in mind. I have to say that some of my offerings may be roots of rather invasive perennials like giant dead nettle and hybrid woundwort. Message me with your contact details if you're interested.

Anyone else in the Clapton Park neighbourhood interested in sharing surplus?

Hello Tim

Thanks for your reply

Just checked and it seems I have more than plenty of both of these plants.  I'd sown a mixed bag of 'tall' seeds and I'm not sure what they are but photo's of these two look very much like a lot of the ones growing in my garden.  Or maybe its the area, they could have arrived on their own.  I'll keep an eye on them and see what happens.   Keep in touch if you notice an excess of anything else and you don't need it.

As  its my first garden I haven't anything to share but at the year end I can probably share some Sunflower seeds.  Fingers crossed for enough sun!  Possibly others, Ive sown several Annuals, not sure how/when to harvest  the seeds though.


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