The council's draft Transport Strategy which is out for consultation until October 24th includes a Public Transport Plan which will shape our council's work for the next 10 years.   This is the place for you to discuss the proposals and what you'd like to see included and help us form our response to the proposals.

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A first reading of the Public Transport Strategy and some discussions at Green Drinks brought up the following comments: 

  • Lack of ambition, especially over cycle parking at stations (PT8), and disabled access to stations (objective for a mojority of stations to be accessible is weak) (may also be covered in cycling strategy).
  • Ambition to improve walking and cycling conditions at public transport locations, but not clear how the policies will deliver this.
  • Aim of maximising the benefits of Crossrail 2 to the borough, but then accepting that TfL is moving in a different direction.  (Current options see Crossrail 2 stations in the borough down to 1 compared to 3 originally proposed on the currently safeguarded route).  (If the current safeguarded route is released there may also be development implications).  Need to make a strong case for three Crossrail 2 stations in the borough.
  • Not clear how access to public transport will be improved in some areas with low PTAL scores (areas with poor access) eg North-West part of the borough, Queensbridge, Victoria Park, Hackney Marshes and Lower Clapton (eg new bus routes).
  • Vague ambitions for the West Anglia line (serving 7 stations in the borough), with no targets on frequency or accessibility.
  • Ambition for an interchange between Dalston Junction and Dalston Kingsland stations implied, but not stated clearly.
  • Policy on alternative uses of stations is interesting, but implicitly accepts destaffing of stations
  • Timetable is supposed to be in appendix, but not there.

Hi, I was at the Green Drinks meeting about this on Thurs 11/9.

I know a bunch of graduate Transport planners at UCL, so I can ask some of them to look at bits of the Strategy, if this would help. 

No worries if not. just thought I would offer.


Hey Leo, that would be great!

Did you have any bit of the strategy in mind?

no preference, whichever section(s) make the most sense.

on the night, we were talking about splitting them up and allocating them. Dave (i think? sorry, I'm really bad with names), was going to allocate/ assign responsibility. He may have done this already, I'm new to this forum, so I'm not sure where exactly to look for stuff yet.

The regulars were pretty comfortable that some sections will be well covered (e.g. cycling), so whichever makes sense for planning students to help with. Maybe the Sustainable transport plan (draft SPD)?

Yes, we think cycling and walking will be covered by other organisation, so we're going to major on Liveable Neighbourhoods and maybe look at Public Transport.  I guess with the SPD we think it kind of falls out of getting the rest right, but it would be great to have your friends vies on any of it really.

ok, I'll ask for general comments/ thoughts. and collate these ahead of the big-green pow-wow.


Thanks, Leo, look forward to meeting you there.


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