Metropolitan Housing is forcing us to halve the amount of land we're using at Edible Landscapes London, within 14 days. This means we have LOADS of plants to give away to community food growing projects. If you're interested, we can be on site Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri next week (10-3) but please arrange time in advance. You'd be helping us out. ELL is located here:

Although we've been on site for over 2 years, this is the first time Metropolitan has ever measured the land we're using. Silly me for putting an (under)estimate on the Memo of Understanding in the first place!

In order to comply with Metropolitan's request, we will have to:
- remove our rainwater harvester and ensure our seating area doesn't exceed 5.39 sq m (Although they gave us permission to build a rainwater harvester, they're now going back on this and forcing us to use mains water again. We involved 20 teenagers in building this and was a real achievement for the project. Write up here: )
- clear away at least 60 pots (we admit it; we started storing plants in between the bushes at the edge of the site and on the foundations of a derelict building)  
- remove one of our beds completely (now that Metropolitan is including half of the footpaths in the measurements, we're going to have to use less space than we've ever had!)
- remove the compost heap (we'll take our compost to the green waste site within the park, unlike Metropolitan, who burn it)
- remove our outdoor loo (or NPK collection point, as we like to call it)
- remove some of our storage space

We will need car transport to move the tyres and green waste from the compost heap off site. We'll also need to find somewhere to store the wood for the rainwater harvester - it's a very long pole - and all the stakes.

Let me know if you can help - or if you have any press contacts.
Best wishes,

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