The Rhodes Estate has been donated 27,000 FREE DAFFODILS (of lots of different kinds) to plant, they arrived yesterday. But we can't use them all - so we're giving them away this weekend!

Do you want some for your work, home or friends in hackney? All we ask is you take a picture or two and tweet it with #bloomindalston!, then maybe do that again when they come up.

Pick up from Queensbridge Road - let me know how many you want. Schools, residents associations especially welcome!

Tom Mustill

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Hi Tom, where is the pick up point, what times will you be there, do you have a contact?

Wish I'd seen this at the time, as I've recently taken on the job of renovating the rather dismal planting of the local churchyard, only part of which has any spring bulbs in it.

Where did this magnificent donation come from, Tom?


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