About Sustainable Hackney

Sustainable Hackney combines the forces of Hackney Environment Forum, Hackney Environment Network and the Ecoactive Yahoo group.  Our mission is to support local environmental organisations, co-ordinate activities and bring far greater urgency to addressing climate change and protecting our local environment.

Our work:

Sustainable Hackney has developed the Greenprint for Hackney which sets out our vision of a sustainable future for our borough.  

Our workstreams support the Greenprint and are lead by members of our steering group. We have helped set up Hackney Green Drinks, Hackney Fixers and Hackney Food Partnership and we support a number of other projects through the active involvement of our steering group including EcoActive, Hackney EnergyDivest Hackney and Tree Musketeers.

Many of our members represent other organisations and our website, Twitter feed and Facebook page help to network local groups and keep people informed of our work.

We provide webpages for Tree Musketeers, Hackney Marsh User Group and Hackney Tree Nursery. We are members of the Hackney Community Empowerment Network.

Our objectives:
  • To bring together, support and co-ordinate the activities of people and organisations in the London Borough of Hackney to create positive solutions.
  • To promote increased awareness and develop understanding of environmental issues and the work of environmental organisations.
  • To influence policy and represent views to the local authority and other organisations and to increase co-operation between such organisations and local environmental groups.
  • To undertake projects and/or to support and complement the work of others in support of the aim and objects.
  • To develop the diversity of our organisation.

Our steering group

Michael Calderbank (Vice Chair)
Kathryn Johnson (Secretary)
Tor Kristoffersen
Jan Kuiper

Sandra McLeod

Liz Moxon (Treasurer and membership)
Richard Payne
Philip Pearson (Chair)

Sam Smithson
Gilbert Smyth
Clare Taylor

Merle White


James Diamond Dave Lukes

Everyone is welcome to come to our monthly meetings Click here for datesClick here for our full members' group to access meeting minutes.

Our constitution, policies and reports

Annual Report 2012
AGM 2012
AGM 2013
AGM 2014

AGM 2015

AGM 2016

AGM 2017

Privacy Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy

Health and Safety Policy
Safeguarding Policy
Complaints process

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