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'Beyond the Food Bank: London Food Link looks at what local authorities are doing to help the most vulnerable access good food. 

Greenprint for Hackney - food and food growing

Our vision is that food eaten in Hackney is healthy and has a positive impact on our environment, locally and globally. This vision is supported by a wonderful food culture, with the best of cuisines from around the world, by fantastic community growing and by a buzzing café and street food sector.


Our work

  • We have set up the Hackney Food Partnership to bring together groups and individuals to help create a more healthy and sustainable food system, and to encourage and support action on food issues throughout the borough.
  • The partnership has developed the Hackney Food Charter a summary of the Partnership's aims. 
  • Sign up to receive news and updates from HFP or email Hackney Food Partnership to tell us about your initiative and how you'd like to get involved.
  • HFP working group meetings are usually on the 2nd Wednesday of the month – see the events page for location. These are open to all and focus on developing the Partnership's strategy and implementing its action plan.
  • HFP also organises public meetings on specific issues, and to explore new projects or areas of work. Your ideas for public meetings are welcome and HFP are interested in working with others to hold events.
  • We developed a vision for the future of food and food growing - the Greenprint for Hackney

Greenprint for Hackney

  • A thriving local economy - sustainable local food production that has a positive benefit for the community and the environment is celebrated and supported as part of I Love Hackney with benefits for economic regeneration and skills development.

  • Cafés and food processing businesses are linked with local food growers and markets to develop local food chains.

  • Health and wellbeing for all - local food businesses are helped by our council and others to offer healthier options, introduce Healthier Catering Commitments and reduce saturated fat, sugar and salt. A map is produced of the most harmful food outlets. Free school meals are provided for all Primary school pupils and all schools are able to show their food is healthy and sustainable.

  • Resilient, close-knit communities – a network of community kitchens is developed and initiatives encouraged that bring people together through food. Neighbourhood food coops are established to reduce the cost of buying healthy and sustainable food.

  • Life long learning and skills - the sharing of cooking skills is supported to enable people of all ages to cook healthy, affordable and delicious food, and reduce waste.
  • A reduced eco-foot print - more space is created for local growing, including on roofs, without no net loss of green space, supported through planning policy, on land owned by public bodies, through land swaps, more allotments of a range of sizes and growing in colleges, schools, and nurseries. The provision of tap water is promoted in cafes and restaurants, public buildings and parks. Details are published of the monthly food waste of large chain supermarkets in Hackney, alongside their plans to reduce this. A Supplementary Planning Document is produced by Hackney Council to provide guidance on themes including location and accessibility of food-related community facilities, allotments and food growing spaces, and reducing the proliferation of hot food takeaways.

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