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If you know what you are looking for it's not that hard to demonstrate the vital importance of deadwood in parks.

10 minutes at a horse chestnut stump in CLissold Park this afternoon revealled 2 new nationally scarce species for the park:

  • a fungus beetle called Hallomenus binotatus Nationally Scarce…

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How Food Waste Can Get You Tipsy in Hackney

A Hackney brewery gained popularity this winter when they joined the UK's nation-wide food waste campaign. The venture called Toast Ale and was dedicated to utilizing London's increasing amount of wasted bread



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You wait 183 years for a new wetland and then two come along together!

This weekend saw the opening of the first publicly accessible wetland in Hackney at Woodberry Wetlands, and it was tremendously popular when I went along on Sunday.  Closed to the public since it was built to store water brought along the New River from Hertfordshire it was officially opened by Sir Richard Attenborough on 30th April.…


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Don't forget to vote 5th May: who's the greenest candidate?

Don't forget to vote for your choice of London Mayor and GLA representatives on 5th May!

You've got three votes:

  • One for your first and second choice of mayor
  • Another for an assembly member to represent your local constituency (North-East London)
  • A third to choose one of the 11 assembly members who represent the whole city

There's an interesting analysis of the green policies of the main mayoral candidates from Friends of…


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TfL awards Overground contract to Arriva

Arriva will take over as the operator of the London Overground services from November 2016 including all the Overground services through Hackney.  The franchise will operate for 7 1/2 years with a possible additional two years.



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Hackney Council will NOT be introducing Public Space Protection Orders

Hackney Council statement 20 April 2016

Clarification: Hackney will not be introducing a 'rough sleeping' PSPO…


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What has the European Convention on Human Rights ever done for us?

A very clever satirical short sketch by Patrick Stewart and friends, well worth watching, on the Guardian website:

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Defend the NHS: Don't privatise/outsource NHS pathology services

Please sign this petition to keep our pathology lab at the Homerton.  Management committed to building a new pathology lab but the construction company have…


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A good city has industry

In "A good city has industry" Mark Brearley looks at how London is "eating itself" consuming the buildings, places and spaces that house our jobs for housing, threatening the very rich…


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Carbon pricing - a road to nowhere?

How much longer can we tolerate market-based climate change policies that clearly aren’t working? This is the central challenge in a new report from the New York-based Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, which puts carbon market under its intense spotlight. The…


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Extra recycling points for waste electricals

Electrical recycling

The Hackney recycling service has installed extra temporary recycling points for small electrical items from 11-22nd April at: 

  • Dalston C.L.R. James Library
  • Clapton Library
  • Hackney Central Library
  • Homerton Library
  • Shoreditch Library
  • Stamford Hill Library
  • Stoke Newington Library
  • St Dominic’s Primary School, Balance Road, E9 5SR
  • Gayhurst Primary School, 92 Well Street, E9…

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Hackney Bees - another new species

Found Buffish Mining bee Andrena nigroaeanea on Hackney Downs last week. That's another new species for Hackney.

That brings the total to 50 confirmed species in Hackney so far; 2 new species in a week! That's getting on for 20% of all UK species. See…


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Renters Rights

Renters Rights London does what it says on the tin.  There's good information on your rights and how to go about getting them, particulars on renting in each London borough and how you can organise for better controls over the…


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Some bees don't look like bees - New bee photos

This is a photo of the Furry-clasped Furrow bee (Lasioglossum lativentre) I discovered at Abney Park recently. This is a female. The tiny bees nest in the ground but little is known about them.

The species is fairly uncommon but not rare or scarce. It has never been recorded in…


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3 New bee species at Abney

Realising Good Friday was to be the pick of the Easter weekend weather I set out in determined fashion to see if I could find any new species of bees at Abney. After about four hours I had seen: Buff-tailed bumblebee queens, honey bees and lots of Hairy Footed Flower bees (mostly males but a few females had begun flying). There were also quite a few butterflies on the wing. I counted 4…


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BBC Invents 3 Different Reasons to Justify Anti-Corbyn Bias

Those who read my blog at the time will be familiar with the fact that back in October BBC Newsnight ran an astonishingly biased piece about the Tory government's U-turn on contracting to help the Saudi dictatorship run its prisons. [I know the BBC is routinely right-wing and anti- Corbyn but this really took the biscuit.]



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Cobalt Crust fungus, winter blues never looked so good

Stunning Cobalt Crust fungus at Abney Park nature reserve. Previously seen in Wick…


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Heathrow 13: British Justice 0

Heathrow 13: British Justice 0

Judge loses plot in high stakes climate change battle

As a former civil rights lawyer I've seen a fair…


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Media billionaires against action on climate change

Free Press carried an excellent article on Occupy's occupation of the Mail's offices last year demanding accurate coverage of climate change and a switch to supporting renewable energy and other effective measures.  In just over a page Donnachadh McCarthy tells how the five right-wing billionaires who own most of our media have led the Tories "get rid of the green crap" campaign as well as continually misinforming the public on climate change.  He sets out the occupation's…


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Free Reclaimed Paint Membership Scheme Available for Organisations

We are delighted to unveil our new membership scheme available now.  The Paint Place will now operate a free membership scheme for a range of not-for-profit organisations which could save you on the cost of reclaimed paint. Membership is available to a range of groups including:


Community groups

Art groups

Community centres and spaces



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