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Video of the Marxism and Nature conference

Video of the Marxism and Nature conference

Marxism has for too long been characterised as having a singular preoccupation with the exploitation of labour and the class struggle. However, the works of Marx and Engels always…


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Hackney residents say this is not a conference it is a crime scene

It's all in the name: with no hint of shame oil and gas executives from across the world met for 2016 Oil & Money conference.

Protesters and representatives from communities affected by the fossil fuel industry disrupted the opening of the conference by staging 'a climate crime scene.'…


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Stand up to Racism and Fascism

Dean Ryan from Hackney Stand up to Racism and Fascism spoke at our AGM last night about the importance of local networks which can respond and show solidarity when incidents occur.  This is particularly important with the recent rise in incidents.  

You can show solidarity by liking the Hackney group's Facebook page at Hackney Stand up to Racism and Fascism and…


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Greener Hackney or a Green Light for Cars?

Anyone who has followed Save Lea Marshes in the last few years will be aware of our campaign against the planned cricket pavilion for Hackney Marshes, a design which involves building on green space in order to accommodate a large car park on North Marsh.

During our campaign, which led to a public inquiry, evidence was coming to light of the damaging effect of air pollution on Londoners, especially children. Exposure to air pollution stunts lung growth and even impairs children’s…


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Over 80% of construction sites 'never inspected for health and safety'

Over 80% of construction sites 'never inspected for health and safety'


Government cuts to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have hobbled its ability to enforce regulations that save workers' lives, and…


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Pears and toads


Went to the Growing Kitchen garden yesterday to check whether the pears were ripe. Tasted a couple - so good! Then realised the grass was moving around my feet and saw baby toads moving away from where I'd disturbed them. Carefully retraced my steps and on closer inspection realised they were in different…


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Carder bee nest in orchard

Whilst mowing the Wenlock Orchard last week, we realised we had mown over the top of our first carder bee nest :-( We put some more dried grass cuttings around and went to check on it yesterday. They have recovered well and were flying in and out happily. What a relief?! 

We've left some areas with long grass still and the wild rocket continues to flower, covered with hoverflies and bees. Lovely to see. 

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Cycle To Work for the first time with LCC London BikeTubes – 14 September 2016

London Cycling Campaign are organising "Bike Tubes": organised rides to work for new cyclists:

One is leaving from London Fields Station at 07:30 to Farringdon via Old St.

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Where did Boris spend the regeneration money and on what 2008-2016? What next?

A useful report from Regeneris: Capital Spread: Mapping the GLA's regeneration spend 2008-2016. 

£142m was allocated through four major regeneration grant funds:  the Outer London Fund (OLF), the Mayor's Regeneration Fund (MRF), the High Streets Fund (HSF) and the London Regeneration Fund (LRF). 

Haringey and Croydon…


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Could do better, but progress being made

The statistics recently published on showed that last year nearly a quarter of all electricity generated in the UK (24.6%) came from renewable sources – more than from coal (which is just over a fifth). It’s the first time that renewables have overtaken coal. Good news to an extent, but it’s still not growing fast enough and the UK is looking likely to miss the 2020 energy target.


Figures have also been published for the first quarter of this year, showing growth…


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Protest Against Illegal Car Wash Polluting Lea River

On Monday evening, members of Save Lea Marshes staged a pop-up protest against the car wash which is now operating, without planning permission, in the car park of Lee Valley Ice Centre.

Planning permission is yet to be granted by Waltham Forest Council and yet permanent structures…


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Webinar: Mayor's Consultation on Air Pollution

Contribute to the ongoing public consultation by joining this event…


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UK is in breach of international human rights for regresive austerity policies

The UK is in breach of international human rights according to the UN. 

The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has expressed “serious concern” about the impact of regressive policies on the enjoyment of economic and social rights in a…


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31 Hackney schools exceeding air pollution limits

According to figures released by the Mayor of London 31 Hackney schools exceeded legal limits for Nitrogen Dioxide in 2013.  The figures have only just been released after the previous Mayor failed to publish them.  

25 primary and 6 secondary schools in the borough are among the 443 schools in the capital exceeding the limits with Cardinal Pole School and de Beauvoir School among the worst in the borough.  

The Mayor has joined a legal action brought by…


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Demand a community-led London Plan

Change in London has been overwhelmingly led by developers supported by politicans.  So much so that Londoners no longer feel our city is our own nor our home. Many can simply no longer afford to be here, threatening our families, communities and services.  Now that we have a new Mayor we need to get the message across that that needs to change and we as citizens need to be in the driving seat.  Just Space have produced a newspaper calling for ongoing effective community participation in the…


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Access to justice - the difference between law and justice

Mauritian lawyer, political activist and friend Jean Claude Bibi was interviewed by the l'express on this subject in 2012.  It's a clear statement of the difference between law and justice and demonstrates that the struggle for justice is indeed international. JCB is referring to the Mauritian system.  It should be remembered that legal aid has been cut savagely by the UK Government.  It would be good if someone could blog about…


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Quick clothes repair tips

For anyone looking for tips on how to repair things like ripped pockets, broken bra underwires and detached belt loops, WRAP have new webpages: 

Could save money and favourite clothes.

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Spycops and the Fight for Justice

Subversion, sabotage and spying: Political policing and state racism in the UK

This was the title of the extraordinary conference I attended at South Bank Uni in early April. Over 2 days speaker after speaker spoke about appalling cases of racism, subversion, dishonesty, criminality and violence by the…


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Amber Nectar - Oak Bracket Returns to Clissold after 8 year Absence

It was wonderful to find my old friend Inonotus dryadeus (also known as Oak Bracket) back in Clissold on Monday. Calling a bracket fungus a friend may seem a bit weird but having not seen this amber beauty for 8 years it was joyous to rediscover it on the same veteran plum tree where it…


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