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Our next event will be Hackney's second festival of fixing, The Big Fix on September 17th at Stoke Newington Library featuring electrical, textile, bike and chair repair and more!

Don't bin it, Fix it!

WEEE, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, is growing faster than other types of waste, and too much is ending up in landfill where it can be hazardous.  Repairing your tired toaster, lazy laptop, poorly printer or morbid mobile at a Restart Party is a great way to prevent WEEE!  If it can't be repaired click here to find out about recycling banks and free collection service.

Listen to this audio clip recorded by the BBC for the "You and Yours" programme and find out how Eliza gets on with her hair straightener!

Have a look at our new map of places to get things fixed in Hackney.  If you know somewhere to add to the map let us know!

What is Hackney Fixers?

Hackney Fixers aims to support and develop community repair in Hackney.  

As a joint project of Sustainable Hackney and Hackney and Tower Hamlets Friends of the Earth we were inspired by The Restart Project to run our first Restart Party two years ago.

The Hackney Fixers organisers are James Diamond, Friederike Hanisch, Dave Lukes and Bridget Harvey.

What we do

Since 2013 we have run 21 events including restart parties, workshops for women and young people and the BIG FIX, Hackney's first festival of fixing:

We have also started developing a map of places to get things fixed in Hackney


Media stories about or featuring our events:- 


Map: Where to get things fixed in Hackney

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Restart WIKI: tips and guides

The Big Fix!

iFixit - the fixing guide


Email: info@hackneyfixers.org.uk 

Web: hackneyfixers.org.uk

Twitter: #hackneyfixers. 

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