What Do Cockroaches Eat? Will They Invade Your Garden?

Cockroaches are widely considered to be a house pest, and it is. But that doesn't mean that if they pass through your garden they won't stop and taste what you've got there.

These bugs are omniverse and would eat pretty much anything that is organic. They belong to the species Blattaria and there are four common cockroach types in the UK. Their digestive tract is rich in a variety of protozoa and special kinds of bacteria that help them digest a wide range of substances.

Some of their most favourite things to eat are dead or decaying things - plants, other bugs. Also, contrary to many beliefs, cockroaches prefer sweets and other carbohydrates- rich foods, fats, and oily things. They would eat many other things, too, like paper, glue, etc.

Are Cockroaches Attracted to Your Garden?

Yes. Very much. There's plenty of food for them in your garden. Be it fruits, vegetables, or dead plants - they will try them.

Since they are most commonly found in homes they cannot be considered as garden pests. They may inhibit certain places in your garden - where you have organic mulch/compost, or water source, or some dark and moist place.

What do cockroaches do and eat in your garden:

  • they find a water source
  • they feed on decaying plants
  • they may feed on your vegetables, such as tomatoes
  • they find a dark moist place to hide

There are plenty of pesticides and insecticides made to kill cockroaches in stores. However, using them in your garden is not an option.

Not only will you be spraying the things you eat with pesticides, but also the chemicals will most likely kill some of the vegetables in your garden.

If you notice cockroaches in your garden and not in your home yet, getting rid of them from your garden is the first step to preventing them from coming inside of your home.

What Can You Do to Get Rid of Cockroaches In Your Garden?

  • Tidy up Your Garden - Do not skip your garden maintenance. Remove dead leaves and flowers, when you mow the grass dispose of the trimmings, instead of leaving them.
  • Minimise the number of debris which means less hiding places for roaches.
  • Keep trash cans and compost containers closed.
  • You can use a few methods to attract birds - certain plants that attract birds; bird baths. Attracting birds to your garden can be a natural cockroach control for your garden because birds eat insects.
  • Plan cockroach repelling plants. Garlic, catnip and cucumbers are said to repel the garden roaches but this shouldn’t be used as your only prevention method.

It is important to take actions at the first sight of cockroaches in your garden. This is the first step to preventing an infestation in your house. Once they get into your house there are even more hiding and nesting spots for them. The infestation can go unnoticed until there are so many that you see them during the day too. Then your only solution would be to seek professional exterminators to get rid of the cockroach infestation in your house.

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