A new year. It would be nice to start it with a message of hope. Alas that's not very easy in a country dominated by a secret state, rich crooks and coward politicians. To be fair to myself I did start the year with my usual hopeful NYD nature walk around Abney Nature Reserve. Remarkable nearly 40 people braved the cold, wind and rain to join me. It was surprisingly lovely.

But having foolishly glanced at Tweets on the SH following page (my excuse, I had to Tweet a woodland workshop for this weekend) I despair at the fawning, supine, idiocy of pseudo progressives attacking Julian Assange and John Pilger. Both have dedicated their lives to challenging and exposing abuse of power by the world's most sinister agencies. On the incredibly rare occasion that BBC Radio 4 actually broadcasts a genuinely radical voice why is it the likes of local Labour councillors feel compelled to Tweet childish rants about smashing their radio? Is it that like so many others in this dying nation they are so scared of State and corporate power they instinctively attack those few remaining individuals who still have the courage to stand alone? To be fair at least Dianne Abbott MP celebrated the BBC's rare dabble with dissent. Coming on the heels of the suicide of a US hacktivist the spineless heckles of people who crave comfort and safety whilst posing as progressive should be enough to make them social outcasts. Yet it is the activists, the courageous and the brave who remain excluded from the media, social and poltical world. Capitalism fears its own reflection and there are many power hungry wannabees all too eager paint a canvas of lies.

In this cold winter of the soul it is not surprising the best of cultural media is the likes of 'All is Lost'. The new Robert Redford film is a very clever metaphor using an isolated, ageing sailor's unsolicited battle against super container ships to illustrate the tragic futility of post-capitalist insanity. No amount of technology, ingenuity or wisdom can stop the titanic, runaway madness. It's a great film but not exactly hopeful. Unsurprisingly most of the critics miss the point.

Tomorrow we will bury a victim of Britain's violent state. My friend Malcolm Kennedy died recently. His life was turned upside down on Xmas eve 1990 when he was randomly fitted up for the murder of Patrick Quinn. Quinn was viciously kicked to death in a cell INSIDE Hammersmith Police Station. Malcolm was the unfortunate scapegoat. After 3 high profile trials and a successful appeal (its complicated) he remained convicted because the truth was too awful for juries and judges to admit. Having served 9 years he was released from prison but remained an enemy of the state. Years more harassment followed in perverse psyops designed to prevent him clearing his name. Further cases before the ECHR and bogus IPT were either dismissed or sabotaged by MI5 assets. Why? Well if Malcolm was innocent who murdered Quinn? It's not that hard to join the dots. When I met Malcolm in recent years I offered what advice and solace I could but now he is gone I feel a combination of relief (for him) and guilt (for not doing more).

If you do not have the political education or activist history to read between the lines of propaganda and hate, at least read the symbols that are all around you. Climate change means this insanity will end, one way or another. The planet will rid itself of its human parasites if we do not have the gumption and courage to live less destructive lives. That means global regime change.

Capitalism destroys. It destroys nature for profit, enslaves billions to poverty and debt, and perverts language to market lies. It relies on hungry egos and the weak minded to hide its crimes. For those that fight back or expose truth the State steps in with repression and violence. Another world is possible but first we must stop lying to ourselves and each other. Stand up for truth and defend those attacked for their courage. Do not allow the simplistic lies of capitalist sympathisers to cloud your judgement. You have a choice: live as an honest, conscious, loving, sentient being, juggling the inevitable compromises as best you can; or give up your soul, mind, integrity, agency and humanity to participate in the insanity. Is the choice really so hard?

Happy New Year.

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