Trade School London at FARM:shop Dalston throughout April

Trade School London at FARM:shop Dalston throughout April

Trade School London

At Trade School anyone can offer to teach a class, and students barter items, resources and skills to attend. Equal value is placed on big ideas, practical skills and experiential knowledge. No money changes hands as we revalue what we own or know, and can share with others.


Classes include:
Thu 19 Apr, 6.30. How to create and look after a self contained wormery - composter.
Particularly useful for people living in flats with no access to a garden.
Some of the things Ansel is willing to accept in exchange include: potted plants, illustrations, old picture frames or furniture, a knitted scarf

Sun 29 Apr, "Easy bake" bread baking class.
3 easy recipes anyone can make
And Tim is offering his class in exchange for wool for knitting, potted herbs, old maps and more...


Take a class in the lush green surroundings of FARM:shop Dalston.
Spring season runs Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons starting April 2012.
Sign up for class, or register to teach at


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