Sustainable Hackney has joined the COP 26 coalition

Despite the twenty-five COP (Council of Parties) meetings organized since 1995 by the UNFCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) which is tasked with strengthening the global response to climate change; there is little or no sign they’ve had any impact at all on the soaring levels of green-house gasses.  

2020, despite a significant ramping up of renewables, is likely to be another year in which all the wrong sorts of records have been broken.  It’ll possibly be the hottest on record and with the highest ever levels of methane which points ominously to tipping points having already been breached.

The extreme urgency of the climate crisis demands that the 2021 Glasgow COP 26 lead to radical international and enforceable steps to address climate change. Sustainable Hackney is pleased to have joined the COP 26 coalition, a broad and expanding umbrella of environmental and civil society groups that have come together to push for action, stymie false solutions and hold our leaders to account.  Documents obtained under Freedom of Information show just how essential the COP 26 coalition is.

The fossil fuel giants that bear the most responsibility for climate change, have denied all responsibility and obstructed and delayed to advance their business interests,  have now been caught with the  government holding secret pre-COP meetings.

For at least 70 years British governments have dutifully used all the means at its disposal to represent the interests of the fossil fuel corporations; so it is not surprising now that a coalition of business and political interests seek to perhaps dilute and distort the COP 26’s outcomes for their own ends.  

The COP 26 coalition must try to stop this happening. The COP 26 coalition is needed to stand up for majority interests and it is a welcome counterweight to the business interests already exerting their influence behind the scenes.


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