Olympic Park - Land Grab for Unaffordable Housing

Olympic Park - Land Grab for Unaffordable Housing

The London Legacy Deveolopment Corporation (the name is descriptive!) wants to steal 0.85ha of the Olympic legacy park to make money for private housing.  Hackney lost 9 ha of green space to the olympics including very biodiverse sites like Arena Field and White Hart Field.  After the £12bn party for the elite the LLDC was created to deliver a lasting legacy for everyone.  A large part of the olympic site was always destined for private housing, that was a major driver behind the whole olympics scam (public money to rich, corporate pockets).  However they had to promise to give something back and now they want to steal a part of the park that was intended as green space.  If permitted this will mean the loss of around 50 trees and almost 1 ha of parkland (see images in attached LBH planning report - below).

THe LLDC are applying to remove a planning condition that prevents them from building on this land. Object NOW send your OBJECTIONS to: planningenquiries@londonlegacy.co.uk.



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