November 5th Anniversary Action in Opposition to Rail Privatisation

I am a member of the Campaign against Climate Change

In partnership with Action for Rail, we in the Campaign against Climate Change are supporting the actions and protests that are taking place on Tuesday 5th November, this date marks the 20th Anniversary of the Act that privatised our railways.
That’s 20 years of privatisation that has failed on all of its promises. Fares have rocketed, public subsidy more than doubled and there has been little in the way of new private investment.  Instead we have a fragmented, complex and dysfunctional rail system that increases costs, confuses passengers and remains reliant on taxpayer funding.
Changing transport infastructure will also be a major factor in combating climate change. Currently 85% of global CO2 transport emissions come from cars, planes and trucks. Planes produce eight to eleven times the CO2 of high speed rail and lorries emit about six times more CO2 than trains for every ton carried. Radical improvement to the rail services are required if we are going to replace air and road travel. These improvements are not being made whilst the private groups (and in some cases foreign governments) that own your train operating companies continue to earn huge returns on minimal investment.
Something is clearly wrong with the system.
It doesn’t have to be like this
Publicly owned railways in Europe cost less to run with lower fares. And every penny made on the railways gets reinvested for the benefit of passengers and taxpayers, not shareholders. Public ownership of Britain’s railways could mean lower fares and your money invested in staff and services.  That’s not only good for passengers and taxpayers but also our economy and our environment.
Higher investment in the railways and railway infastructure will also not only reduce emissons and train fares but it will also increase 'climate jobs'. The One Million Climate Jobs Campaign suggests that with a 250% increase in Bus and Train travel would produce almost 600,000 new jobs, with almost 400,000 of these rail workers.

Take action now

Tuesday 5th November is the Day of Action where all across the country we will be meeting passengers and letting them know about the campaign for a national, integrated railway under public ownership. – join us at a station near you I will be at Homerton Station if you wish to join me.  
Or Email your MP ask them to support rail services that put passengers and taxpayers first. Ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion 419 and make their support known for publicly owned railways for Britain.

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