North London Waste - need for cooperation

The North London Waste Authority which includes Hackney has been developing the North London Waste Plan which will drive investment in waste management infrastructure for the next 20 years.  The NLWP will have significant implications for what happens to  Hackney's waste in future.

It was partly the need to come up with a "preferred option" for managing Hackney's waste as part of the NLWP which was behind the recent decision to change Hackney's recycling to a co-mingled system.

Recently other authorities outside NLWA have complained of a lack of co-operation from NLWA and the planning inspector has agreed that NLWA has a duty to cooperate with them over their waste plans which will include exporting waste from London to landfills elsewhere for many years to come.

The next step will be for the inspector to decide whether the NLWA has in fact been failing to co-operate, and in the meantime the plan is on hold.  Hearings are not likely to resume until the autumn.

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