Listen to the Trees - Act Now on Climate Change

Blireana plum (Prunus × blireana) on Shakspeare Walk in full flower yesterday (8 JANUARY 2016).

Same tree last year on 11 MARCH 2015!

What can YOU do?

Aside from reducing your own carbon emissions you can take action.

If you're not in a position to take action yourself, or its just not your thing, you can still support those local people who do. The following links take you to information on brave people who refuse to stand aside and watch capitalist insanity destroy lives and the planet:

Activists who occupied the runway and stopped flights at Heathrow last summer face trial on 18 January 2016. Turn up and support them in mass mobilsation at Willesden Magistrates Court;

Activits who stormed Tory Lord Matt Ridley's open cast coal mine are fund raising to pay court fines. Donate here.

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