Let’s get behind the firefighters' strike on November 13th

Let’s get behind the firefighters on November 13th

Firefighters are being forced to stage another strike next week from 10.00-2.00. They deserve the full support of members of Sustainable Hackney. As the destructive effects of climate change become more common with extreme weather events increasingly disrupting and threatening lives with storms and floods, our emergency services capacity to respond is being wrecked by the coalition government. 

Following the planned closure of ten fire stations including our local Dalston-Kingsland, Firefighters’ face an attack on their pension rights from the government who want to raise their pension age from 55-60. The government know full well from their own report that up to 80% will be unable to maintain the required operational levels of fitness. This exposes firefighters to the risk of being sacked without access to a pension which will be reduced by up to half.

While our firefighters are not often seen in the context of climate change; we clearly need a more and not less professionally staffed and resourced fire service to come to the aid of the public as its consequences become more pronounced. 

Send messages of support to FBU reps:

(Stoke Newington) adam.placey@london-fire.gov.uk

(Homerton) khaled.haider@london-fire.gov.uk

(Kingsland) graham.johns@london-fire.gov.uk

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