Kynaston Gardens Destroyed

No more feeding waxwings, fieldfares, blackbirds or thrushes.

No insects, birds or other life exist in the barren, sanitised nightmare that is the new Kynaston Gardens. Tightly mown turf, a controlled, safe, lifeless lawn is all Groundwork think people of Stoke Newington deserve. The destruction, ignorance and lack of imagination is staggering. Are there people still stupid enough to cut down and dig up huge, old, fruiting shrubs upon which generations of wrens, robbins, blackbirds and tits have lived and flourished? This is urban wildlife criminality as bad as any egg stealing or raptor poisoning. Yet these people are paid with public money to do their destruction.

 Some days the whirlwind of corporate insanity and destruction seems unstoppable in its madness. To walk past Kynaston Gardens in Stoke Newington (along the passage joining Kynaston Road and Stoke Newington High Street) is to experience such a feeling. 'Environmental charity' Groundwork were engaged by Hackney Council to 'develop' the small garden which hitherto hosted mature cotoneaster, berberis and other flowering/fruiting shrubs. The gardens offered a glimpse of winter colour in an otherwise grey concrete jungle. They were also homes to birds and insects. Blackbirds and visiting redwings would feed on the berries but no more. The entire space has been levelled to the ground with only the rare Dove tree and two small citrus trees spared the axe. Instead new truf has been laid to create a perfectly sterile, sanitised desert.

Another triumph for the money hungry bureaucrats. Groundwork get paid £100000, the Council celebrates 'investment' whilst the insects and birds all die and we all lose another bit of nature.

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