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As you probably know, bees are in trouble. Three of the 25 species of British bumblebee are already extinct and half of the remainder have shown serious declines, often up to 70%, since the 1970s. Unfortunately, the reasons are complicated and not clearly enough understood.

Bees are essential to a healthy economy as well as a healthy environment. Without bees, our diet would be dull and less healthy: imagine life without fruit and honey. Pollinating crops artificially would cost UK farmers £1.8 billion a year.

Hackney & Tower Hamlets Friends of the Earth are among 200 local Friends of the Earth groups across the country who are signing up to the Bee Cause, our new campaign to help save the bee.

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to get involved in the campaign! Please contact Katherine Pitt on

The aim of the campaign is to get the government to adopt a national Bee Action Plan. To create a 'buzz' around this, local groups will be creating local Bee Action Plans: a set of actions that we hope the council and other local organisations will sign up to, to make Hackney a more bee-friendly place. We note that Hackney Council are already doing positive work in this direction, by sowing wild flower meadows.

Along the way, we'll be organising fun, bee-related events, such our bee walk in and around Victoria Park on Sunday 8th July.

If you’re already working to help bees, or you’d be interested in helping to draft a local Bee Action Plan, please contact Katherine at the email address above.

For more information about the Bee Cause see

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