The threat of fracking is on our doorstep in London. Drilling sites are sprouting up all over the south and south-east. But in Hackney we can play a part in opposing this by forming a local Anti-Fracking Network.

Gas companies Third Energy and Caudrilla in Kirby Misperton in Yorkshire and at Preston New Road near Blackpool are fighting to get fully operational but are being held back by a strong local, regional and national campaign to stop drilling getting a foothold. It is the growth of this mass movement that has the potential for stopping the dash for gas which will is propelling us towards unsustainable levels of greenhouse gas.  

Small exploratory sites near us such as  at Coldharbour near Leith Hill and Brockham near Dorking in Surrey already have small groups of activists suporting them. But they need wider exposure and more practical assisitence. Setting up a network in Hackney of anti-frackers could offer these groups this type of solidarity. If you are interested in being part of and building a local network contact: Richard Payne (


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