Five Good Reasons To Run A Green Open Homes Event

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We’ve just launched a new, national Green Open Homes network, funded by DECC.

We want to encourage more open homes events that show off home energy saving improvements… because when people can see real improvements in real homes it really does encourage them to take action. And we’re really excited to be able to announce a competition offering the chance to win up to £20,000 of funding and support for groups and organisations who want to try it.

See for all the details of our competition to win up to £20,000 funding and support.

Why do green open homes events work? Here are five reasons:

1. The novelty factor
People like to look round other people’s houses! Open homes events can be fun, engaging, and attract a broad range of people, including those who might not be very interested in finding out about eco-renovation otherwise.

2. The value of trust
At open homes events you get to hear the practical, real-life, ‘warts and all’ report from someone in your community. Householders can explain what they did and why, what worked and what mistakes they may have made, and visitors will trust these messages much more than a sales pitch from a stranger.

3. Identifying with people
Making ‘green’ improvements to your home suddenly seems more achievable when you see that somebody else like you has gone ahead and done it. Research shows that we are more likely to do what a group of others do if we identify with them. So when people visit houses, part of what they are looking at is whether the person living in the house is like them.

4. Telling a story
People find stories or narratives more memorable than lists of facts. A real story about how a home improvement has made a difference to someone’s bills or quality of life will be much more compelling than a list of benefits.

5. Social norming
Research shows that we are strongly influenced by what we believe most other people do in the same circumstances – in other words, what we consider to be ‘normal’. Open homes events enable you to make a point out a ‘norm’ that’s difficult to notice – that lots of people around you are making energy saving improvements inside their homes. When this seems to be ‘the norm’, people are more likely to follow suit.
Those are just a few reasons why open homes events are a great way to encourage home energy efficiency improvements. And improving the energy efficiency of our housing is vital for tackling fuel poverty and reducing carbon emissions.

So, why not consider opening some homes in your area? See greenopenhomes.netfor all the help you’ll need.

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