Friends of the Earth's Clean British Energy campaign aims to help transform the way Britain produces and uses energy. FoE - and many others - believe that Clean British energy is our best hope for a clean, secure and affordable fuel energy future. Why? Because:

  • New onshore wind power is cheaper than nuclear power
  • Our solar industry is a great British success story, now employing 29,000 people
  • Developing offshore wind could create 66,000 UK jobs by 2020.

The Energy Bill currently being debated in Parliament is a vital opportunity to renew our energy system to deliver clean, secure and affordable power, but the draft Bill needs key changes if it is to deliver this. If it is done right, there is a huge opportunity for boosting jobs and growth with inward investment in energy-saving and renewable energy industries.

The Government’s independent climate advisors, the Committee on Climate Change, have said that the Energy Bill must contain a target to almost entirely remove carbon emissions from electricity by 2030 as the most cost-effective way to meet the UK's commitments under the Climate Change Act. Friends of the Earth strongly supports this, and through our grassroots campaigning we know that so too does much of the British population.

For more information, contact Kate Hand at Hackney and Tower Hamlets FOE (, or visit

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