Britain’s lamentable record on fuel poverty.

Britain’s lamentable record on fuel poverty.

Join the People’s March for Climate and Jobs, Sunday, November 29th.

The recent report ‘Still the cold man of Europe’ from (ACE) The Association of Conservation Energy makes grim reading. Britain besides 15 other countries in terms of fuel poverty comes out bottom based on range of indicators. The report shows that:

  • Despite the UK having amongst the lowest energy prices in Europe, the UK ranks very poorly in terms of the affordability of space heating and fuel poverty, ranking 14th out of 16 on both indicators.
  • It is the poor state of our housing stock that is the main cause of these problems. In terms of households reporting that their home is in a poor state of repair, the UK ranks 12th out of 16.
  • In terms of energy efficiency, out of 11 countries for which data is available, the UK’s walls are ranked 7th, roofs are ranked 8th, floors are ranked 10th and windows are ranked 11th.

The UK has among the highest rates of fuel poverty and one of the most energy inefficient housing stocks in Europe. Jenny Holland an ACE spokeswoman was reported as saying "Of the 26 million households in the UK, four out of five have poor levels of energy efficiency, rated band D or below.”

Referring to the report she said "As today's findings clearly show, this places our nation right at the bottom of the European rankings for housing and fuel poverty and represents an energy bill crisis for UK consumers.

Far from alleviating the problem, Tory government policy has done nothing except make the problem worse and amongst other things:

  • It scrapped the Green Homes scheme last July helping home-owners to reduce their energy bills through better insulation, more efficient boilers and draught-

proofing, while viewed as flawed and limited in scope nothing was put in its place.



  • It ditched the plan for the UK to pursue the goal of creating zero carbon homes. Not only would the strategy have enhanced our comfort and health, it would have cut CO2 emissions from housing that currently make up nearly a third of all the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and rising.


  • Using the pretext of wanting to cut energy bills Cameron limited the scope of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) after reportedly stating he wanted to get rid of the "green crap". Hitherto regulations had compelled companies to pay for energy saving measures and official figures showed nearly half a million homes would lose this assistance needed to bring down their long-term energy costs.


Fuel poverty is an easily avoidable and reversible scourge. By investing in energy efficiency and addressing the appalling shortcomings of our overpriced and poor quality housing, the quality of people’s lives could be dramatically improved, jobs could be created and we could tackle climate change.

The People’s March for Climate and Jobs. Sunday, November 29th

Assembles Park Lane south @ 12.00pm to march and rally at Millbank


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