Hackney SUTR protest at the Museum of the Home

As Black Lives Matter protests exploded around the world, statues of racists were toppled after mass protests. The trustees of Hackney’s Museum of the Home held a public consultation on whether the statue above its door, of slave trader Robert Geffrye, should come down. Hackney people voted overwhelmingly for its removal.

Then Tory Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden intervened telling the trustees…. ‘The government believes that it is always legitimate to examine and debate Britain’s history, but that removing statues, artworks and other historical objects is not the right approach. As a government-funded organisation, I would expect you to be mindful of the above…’

Hackney Stand Up To Racism and Black Lives Matter has vowed to continue protesting and are organising a boycott movement of the museum - until the statue of Robert Geffrye is taken down. Hackney has spoken. Geffrye will fall.

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Comment by Richard Payne on January 27, 2021 at 15:14

Congratulations are in order for Hackney Council which has removed the Cassland Road Gardens’ sign associated with Sir John Cass, a director of the Royal African Society and merchant involved in the Atlantic slave trade.

Robert Jenrick, the housing minister must regard the council as a part of the ‘baying mob’ he wants to prevent from re-writing history. His Sunday Telegraph article advocated a “considered approach” should inform decisions; they should be based on consultation with local communities and planning permission. But in truth, consultation that recommends bringing down statues of slavers, riles the Tories and is ignored.  When the board of the Geffrye/Museum of the Home decided to carry out the wishes of the local community and remove the statue of Thomas Geffrye; it was warned off and threatened with a budget cut.

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