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North London Waste Plan - draft response

We've now submitted our response to the North London Waste Plan consultation, which closed on 30th September 2015.  Thanks for your…


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Homerton Grove publicity for Hackney Energy and BHSC

Each year 10:10 creates an online gallery of climate change success stories from across the world - and this year a story featuring Hackney Energy and Banister House Solar Co-op is featured!

- See the story on 10:10 here -
- See the…

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Hackney Transport Strategy, our draft responses

Thanks to everyone who came along to the public meeting on 13th October "The Big Green Pow Wow".

We've developed our draft response to the transport consultation and we'd like your comments before we submit…


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The Big Green Pow-Wow

Our council is asking for your views on air pollution, walking, public transport, liveable neighbourhoods and other aspects of transport through two major consultations which close in October.

Did you know that the transport consultation includes proposals for increasing tree cover, introducing sustainable drainage systems and increasing food growing spaces?…


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Our AGM 2014


We are creating an excellent local model but what future for global sustainability?

The SH AGM at Dalston's  Eastern Curve Garden was another well attended, top networking event with over 50 people from all across the…


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Grant funding to insulate your home

The Smart Homes grant scheme was launched this week with £6.5m in grant funding for energy-saving on homes in 6 London boroughs…


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Elections boost for the green agenda

Congratulations to the Green Party for a strong showing in the elections held in Hackney last week.  The Greens gained second place in the Mayoral, Council and European elections, confirming the growing support for the green agenda.  Greens came second in 17 out of 21 wards showing good support across the borough.  

The  newly elected councillors and mayor will all be aware of the level of support for the green agenda in their wards - let's make sure they act on that in the next four…


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Don't forget to vote on May 22nd - Local, Mayoral and European Elections day!

On Thursday May 22nd Hackney goes to the polls to vote for 57 local councillors, 1 Hackney Mayor, and 8 London Euro MPs.  This will be your chance to say who you want to run our council and represent you in Europe.   A list of candidates is available here.

Hackney Unites is holding…


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Successful Greenprint launch!

Sustainable Hackney's Greenprint launch was a great success. Bringing together a whole raft of community members and the public there was lively discussion at the packed meeting on subjects ranging from food and transport to climate change and green jobs within the borough.
Without doubt the consensus was to take the vibrancy and energy from the launch and continue to support platforms where people can take part and be part of sustainable…

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Mabley Green User Group campaigns to create the world's largest edible park

Mabley Green in Hackney is currently a boring but quite large patch of grass.  The Mabley Green User Group received £100,000 (held by the council) to improve it and wants the money to be spent on creating the world's largest edible park full of fruit and nut trees, herbs and shrubs for all to enjoy.  Sign their petition to the council …


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Could we get a restart group going in Hackney?

Central to the Restart project is the idea of the "Restart Party" an event where members of the public bring along "broken electronics and sad kit to troubleshoot and fix".  The event is facilitated by a number of repairers who bring tools and expertise, and who facilitate people's learning to repair things for themselves.  Restart are holding two events at Arcola…


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Jury still out on Hackney’s recycling change

In March Hackney changed its recycling system in a move that the council expected would boost recycling rates considerably.

The change from green boxes to green bags has made recycling easier, especially for those living in flats, but provisional figures show that Hackney is recycling only 0.5% more using recycling sacks. This is not the step change that was expected.…


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How to run a restart party

Can some suitably practical local person please apply to be included in the Restart Project's London "how to" session on 14th September: how to get started running a Restart Party or community repair event - logistics, tools, venues, health & safety as well as a Restart Party, apparently.

The Project recently ran their first ever event…


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Lots of great ideas at the Sustainable Hackney AGM 2nd May 2013

Lots of great ideas from the people at last night's meeting! Thanks for coming and contributing.  

Click the photos for transcripts.

Find more photos like this on sustainable…


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Hackney releases waste and recycling data

Hackney Council has released waste and recycling data following a Freedom of Information request by a member of the Sustainable Hackney Steering Group:-.  


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When will the council publish waste and recycling data for the last two years?

With the change to the new recycling system coming very soon we are left in the dark about what is happening to the amount of waste and recycling in our borough.  The council has not published any data since December 2011 when the Annual Monitoring…


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Transform: Edible East - Funding available to transform derelict land into food growing spaces

Groundwork London, London Sustainability Exchange (LSx), and the London Wildlife Trust have received funding from the City Bridge Trust, Defra, SITA Trust, and the Big Lottery Fund's Local Food Programme to transform 70 areas of derelict land in the Olympic host boroughs (Barking & Dagenham, Greenwich, Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets,…


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Get posting!

We've revamped our discussion forum, with sections for…


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Sustainable Hackney supports Stokey Local

Sustainable Hackney supports the campaign by Stokey Local objecting to the proposed development at Wilmer Place.  To read more about the campaign see Stokey Local.

The deadline for comments on the proposal is this Friday 21st September.

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Hackney Community Grants

Hackney Council's Voluntary and Community Sector Grants Programme for 2013/14 is open for applications.

The grants support the delivery of the six objectives contained in Hackney's Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) which are:

  • Objective 1: Reduce poverty by supporting residents into sustainable employment, and promoting employment opportunities.
  • Objective 2: Help…

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