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Bark damage to Dawn Redwood, Clissold Park

During £9m Heritage Lottery funded works to Clissold Park contractors disregard for trees led to rubble being piled up under the Dawn Redwoods next to the pond.  In addition to compacting soil, damaging tree roots in breach of regulations for managing trees on construction sites (BS5837) this led to…


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Green Flags Fly but Trees Still Die

As Hackney celebrates yet more Green Flag Awards for parks trees in those very parks continue to die from damage and neglect.   As with so many bureaucratic, league table type systems Green Flag Awards have become a misleading indicator of 'success'.  True parks in Hackney have improved in many respects; new toilets, signs, benches, path surfacing, litter bins, etc.  The fact that these things have happened is in part…


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Community Empowerment Network meeting

HEN representatives Anna O'Brien and I attended a meeting of the Community Empowerment Network (CEN) last Weds (21 July).  The CEN pulls together a wide variety of people in Hackney working for charities and the voluntary sector. It is an amazing diversity of committed organisations and individuals working to alleviate many of the worst consequences of our selfish, individualist society. Unfortunately Weds meeting was dominated by the cuts already hitting vital services like the Womens'…


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