Recording data about London's Flora and Fauna

With the ever-changing landscape in London, it has never been more important to have an accurate picture of what exists - and what has existed in the past - so that the changes can be monitored and assessed. It is also an essential tool for environmental campaigners to use in producing informed comments on planning proposals and applications. Your observations are important - please don't keep them to yourself!

We are currently organising local recording in Hackney via the Hackney Biodiversity Partnership but in the meantime you can report records direct to GiGL and the LNHS (below)

Watch this space for more info on local recording.  Russell

Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL) is the capital's open space and biodiversity records centre - to collate, manage and make available detailed information on London's wildlife, parks, nature reserves, gardens and other open spaces.

GiGL Aims

  • To collect, validate and securely store comprehensive data on London's open spaces and biodiversity
  • To be the one-stop shop for such data in order to enable evidence-based decision-making and for the benefit of Londoners
  • To represent London data requirements and promote best practice at local, regional and national level, through participation in the National Biodiversity Network and other appropriate organisations
  • To provide guidance and support to London's recorders and recording groups
  • To ensure the GiGL partnership is representative of data producers and users in London
  • To develop appropriate systems to meet the future requirements of London's data producers and users

GiGL was launched as a fully-fledged open space and biodiversity records centre in April 2006 and is hosted by London Wildlife Trust.  To find out more, visit the GiGL website

A major data producer is the London Natural History Society (LNHS). The data on London's flora and fauna, submitted by members and acquired from organised surveys carried out by the Society, is processed by the LNHS Recorders and forwarded to GiGL to store on its database.

The LNHS has a recording area of 20-miles radius from St Paul's Cathedral. You can submit your data to the LNHS Recorders - contact details are on the LNHS website. And while you are there, have a look at the benefits of becoming a member!

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