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Jan 2020

Issues affecting Hackney Marshes and what you can do to influence them


Looking back ... and forwards

The Olympics and its associated projects brought over a decade of planning pressure on the marshes which only finally eased off in 2019. Some (not all) of HMUG’s various battles can be read in our issues archive.

Most recently, we pressured Hackney Council into sticking to the legally agreed parking management regime at the Marshes Centre and the new north marsh sports pavilion We also supported refusal of a licence for a music event on the Waterworks Meadow.

Along the way, we and our allies took the council to a Common Land Inquiry which rejected an unnecessary car park on East Marsh: we then advised on making the site into a brownfield biodiversity reserve.

Current issues on the marshes include ...

  • sewage and litter pollution of the Old River Lea
  • litter
  • raves
  • commercial dog walkers
  • sustainable travel
  • pesticide use on sports fields

For updates ...


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