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Dance event on Waterworks Meadow refused licence 2020

HMUG supported SLM in successfully objecting to a licence application for a dance music event on the Waterworks meadow. The event would have disturbed wildlife on the north-east edge of the marsh.

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North Marsh car park permission conditions broken 2018

The new car park opened in summer 2018. Management company Better (formerly GLL) failed to implement the planning conditions, with massive over-parking on vulnerable areas. Pressure by HMUG and SLM obliged Hackney Council to bring them into line.

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North Marsh car park permission given 2017

After the Common Land inquiry rejected the East Marsh car park, Hackney Council applied to increase the amount of parking on North Marsh and do away with any progressive reduction in parking . This was approved in September 2017, subject to the council and GLL sticking to their proposed car park management plan.

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North Marsh Pavilion 2014-15

Hackney Council applied in September 2014 to rebuild the northern changing rooms and car park. Planning permission was given in early June 2015, subject to conditions which included progressive reductions in parking. Objections had already triggered a common land inspector's inquiry which started in June 2015. In August 2015 the Inspector approved most of the proposal. The inspector rejected one element of the pavilion plans: electric vehicle charging points in the car park. 

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East Marsh Car Park 2014-15

Hackney Council applied in September 2014 for retrospective planning permission for a car park on East Marsh which it had already built. Objections triggered a common land inspector's inquiry in June 2015. In August 2015 the Inspector rejected the car park, forcing LBH to dismantle it. HMUG is working (June 2016) with LBH to turn it into a mosaic (brownfield) habitat - the cheapest and most ecological option.

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Major Events proposal 2013

Hackney Council announced in February 2013 that it intended to get PINS permission to hold up to three 'major events' on Hackney Marsh every summer for the next 5 years. The council held an 'informal consultation' which ended on 23rd April 2013.  On Friday 24th May the council press released its withdrawal of this proposal.

Every group involved in the marshes opposed this proposal. The most telling opposition probably came from Sports England, which has invested millions in the marshes recently.

HMUG's briefing page is here.

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Radio 1 Hackney Weekend 2012 (R1HW)

Hackney Weekend closure of Hackney Marsh - HMUG response

R1HW - what really happened: the evidence

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East Marsh Bridge Proposal

HMUG's objections (pdf)

  • Truncation of the beautiful low level west side riverside walk
  • Damage to mature trees, which is misrepresented in the design statement
  • Disturbance of the SINC, especially east side waterfowl habitat
  • No need established sufficient to outweigh the damage to amenity and habitat

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Lea Bridge Area Consultation 2011

A public consultation by Lee Valley Regional Park Authority

HMUG's response (pdf)

  • HMUG concurs with the Lea Valley Federation proposals for Hackney Marshes and the Lea Bridge Road Area.
  • Recognition and support for the Community Tree Nursery and Forest Garden
  • Management of Wick Wood
  • Ecological value of the marshes
  • Concerns for Hackney Marshes
  • Impounding of tidal River Lea
  • Support for greater connectivity

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Arena Field: Olympics Broadcasting, Press and Media Centre

The Olympic and Legacy Transformation Planning Application for development in connection with the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and Legacy Transformation.

HMUG's reponse (pdf)

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East Marsh: wind turbine

Proposed installation of a large wind turbine on East Marsh.

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South Marsh: Sports Hub

Proposal to erect a 2,910-square-metre building on Hackney Marsh for changing and ancillary sports facilities.

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