Couple of things:

1. Friends of the Earth is taking the government to court over it's decision to allow the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in some areas of England this autumn.

It's also the start of FoE's fortnight of action for bees and groups around the country will be lobbying their MP  on the issue of pesticides while encouraging the public to plant pollinator-friendly plants.

2. The Royal Horticultural Society has just published its research into whether pollinators (and other invertebrates) prefer native or non-native plants. It has found that there is no signficant difference between plants native to the UK and those from the northern hemisphere but not native to the UK. Pollinators did show a slight preference for these groups of plants compared to those from the southern hemisphere. However, plants from the southern hemisphere have a useful role as many flower later in the year thus providing nectar and pollen at a time when most other plants have finished.

The RHS's advice to gardeners who wish to help pollinators is thus:

1. Plant a mixture of flower plants from different countries and regions

2. Place an emphasis on plants native to the UK and the northern hemisphere

3. The more flowers a garden can offer throughout the year, regardless of origin, the greater number of pollinating insects it will support.

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