Might SH benefit from having aims explicit amongst its aims which not only address the environment (planet) in which we live and how we relate to it but also a more definite recognition of how people are involved and that with this aims relating to demographics involved and thus having a much more thorough representation of the people that live within Hackney? 

So that community is sustained and grows and develops as well as the environment in which the community lives?  Surely 'planet' aims and actions without an equal measure or even more 'people' related aims is kinda shooting ourselves in the foot? 

 ideas,... a 'corporate' aim and action across the SH network to review and redress demographics involved so that the racial mix and also socio economic mix of Hackney is able to be involved in all aspects and where this is not currently happening changes made to make it so.

A working group be set up to reflect and consider actions to encourage sustainable communities and from that sustainable actions by local communities. taking best practise from grass roots community groups and the like.

Visits to different grass roots, community, ethnic groups to see examples of good practise and ideas.

An open day for TRAs and TMOs at which they can learn about sustainability options they could encourage residents to adopt through them having learned and asked questions about how they will benefit people.

listening exercises in indigenous and long established communities and different ethnic and racial groups - listening, asking and learning what is already happening amongst them towards sustainabliity which may not be recognised as such already. and then 'bridges' devised to help meet up the SH aims and those found existing elsewhere but not currently represented.

ah, you get the idea


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