Despite searching various websites I remain unclear as to what I should do with my old computers?  Do I just get Hackney Bulk Waste to collect them or does that risk them going to landfill?  I have 3 old, pre Windows 2000 towers, and 2 bulky, cathode ray monitors.

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Hi Russell, this is from Sarah Williams at Hackney.

Thank you for your enquiry.  There is a free WEEE collection service operated by DHL.  The service details are available here:  Items can be collected for free from both residential and business locations.  These are then taken for recycling. 


In addition, the bulky waste service can be used.  There is separation of items collected via bulky waste service when they reach our Millfields Depot – all recyclable items including garden waste, wood, WEEE etc are recycled.

We also have WEEE banks around the borough which residents can use, however these only take items of limited size.


I hope this helps


Sarah Williams
Recycling Manager
Health and Community Services
London Borough of Hackney

Excellent. Thank you.


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