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Please note: The reports from 2017 have been archived as a PDF file - see links at the foot of page. Any further reports from 2017 wil be added to the archive.

1st January 2018
There was a record turnout on Tree Musketeers 10th New Year's Day tree walk in Abney Park Cemetery Nature Reserve. Ninety people came to hear Russell discuss winter tree ID, gauging tree health, natural hollowing of veteran trees, tree fungi and forest consciousness.

26th January 2018
At an informal TM pruning session on HackneyDowns this morning, we formatively pruned and crown-lifted three oaks, three thorns, an ornamental crab and a horse chestnut. It was a beautiful morning with bird song giving thanks to sunshine.
We crown-lifted this oak today. We first planted it 20 metres from the tennis courts on Hackney Downs. Then two courts were added. As a semi-mature oak, it had to be moved. It has just started to look comfortable in its new site ten years later, thanks to lots of aftercare. Hopefully this one can stay put.

27th January 2018
While some members of GoodGym Hackney felled a tree, others scrubbed pots ready for Tree Musketeers to plant young trees.
 Photos: Felling an Italian alder that was out-growing its space in the Hackney Community Tree Nursery orchard; GoodGym Hackney hard at work helping to remove the tree.


3rd February 2018
Cold and wet didn't stop five keen volunteers from learning about pruning fruit trees at Daubeney Fields today. The apple trees are really taking shape.


5th February 2018
We had a great day in Wick Woodland. We opened up the south ride, built some dead hedges, extracted 50 number plates, discarded wire and a theodolite tripod!
Photo: A welcome tea break from coppicing in Wick Woodland. The storm kettle kept us in hot water for tea.

Tree Action Day, Hackney Downs, February 10th 2018
Tree Musketeers mulched and re-secured nine oak trees on the Downs today. Three of these trees needed a second post to increase the size within the guard to give more space for the tree to grow. All these trees were mulched. The posts were re-used after re-pointing them and, like the extra guards needed, had been used elsewhere beforehand.
The trees were the three oaks planted six years ago in the NW area and the group of six oaks on each side of the more central path going south west. It got wet but we got done what was planned.
Thanks to: James, Myra, Alistar, Jess, Pete, Nicky and Eugene.
Four of the volunteers are from the Hackney Downs User Group (HUG).
Thanks to HUG for the photos

Last tree planting of the season 2017/18: North Millfields, 26th February 2018

The remaining two oak trees that were not planted as planned on day one of the Millfields North planting

in December, were planted on February 26th.

They were planted in the north-west area close to the paddling pool. The weather was kind for the

duration of the planting and after it there were some blizzards. Daven, the LBH supervisor, kindly

allocated two of the staff to help; John and Stella, and the use of their tools and the buggy for

transport. The trees are named after them and they were keen to suggest that their tree will grow the

biggest! It was fun with them, and then towards the end we were joined by Carla, a young woman who is

very keen to learn. She was proud, she said, to plant the last tree to be planted this season. Both

trees were guarded by a double guard and posts.

Thanks to Carla, Stella, John and Eugene.


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