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New Year's Day Guided Walk in Abney Park Cemetery LNR
Led by Russell Miller.
About 70 people attended the walk on a rainy, chilly January afternoon! Russell talked about woodland edge management then moved on to veteran trees and species of oak and their hybrids, many from the original 1840 planting by the renowned Loddiges Nursery of Hackney. Abney at that time, planted as an arboretum, had more species than Kew Gardens.
  Thanks to all who attended and to Russell for another inspiring tour. Thanks also to all who purchased our Hackney Trees Calendar for 2017 afterwards - there was a very brisk trade, and we have nearly sold out.
Tree Musketeer Action day Jan 21st 2017 - Planting trees on Hackney Downs
Tree Musketeers planted  eleven trees on Hackney Down for the 13th successive year on Saturday 21st   January 2017.
  Three white walnut trees (Juglans regia) were planted adjacent to the orchard on the other side of the path going towards the railway line. They were planted in a triangle keeping to the Victorian tradition.
  An apricot tree (Prunus armenica) was planted in the orchard.
  One rowan tree (Sorbus aucuparia) was planted to replace a rowan that died in a group of three rowans planted a few years ago. This one is a bit smaller so hopefully will survive.
  We planted an Aesculus  subspecies  pavia or red buckeye; a North American chestnut closely related to the horse chestnut tree.  This was to replace one of two recently felled horse chestnut trees.  This is the second of this species planted on the Downs.
  On the south west corner near the entrance close to three giant redwood trees we planted several years ago, we planted an atlas cedar (Cedrus  atlantica). This was planted as a 'statement tree' that will be seen on entrance to the park. This tree was grown up in the Tree nursery for over ten years and will now get a chance to expand itself more!
  We planted two great white cherry trees (Prunus Tai Haku) in a row along the path going towards Stormont house. One tree was planted as a 'memorial' tree by Paddy and David Evans. A Prunus Okame , a pink flowered cherry tree was also planted close to the tennis court. This is also the first of its species, like the great white cherry trees planted on the Downs. The two great white cherry trees were grafted at the tree nursery. This may be one of the first grafted trees we have planted.
  Lastly we planted an Apple (Malus) seedling tree grown from seed in the south east corner where there is shade. This tree has a particularly pink coloured bark and has great coloured pink white flowers in spring which will brighten that area. The tree was planted to celebrate Grace, a Tree musketeer volunteer who unfortunately was unable to be there. It was also her birthday. She will be taken to see it when she feels better.
  Some of the trees planted were grown from seed and others grafted or donated to the Tree nursery and then brought on in the work days at the Hackney Community Tree Nursery by volunteers.
 The sun shone and it was dry.
  Thanks to : Sam, Lucia, Natalie, Alison, Luke and toddler Luke, Steve, Paddy and David, Ita, Nicila, Joe, Bay, Stephanie, Tony, Russell and Eugene.
  Thanks too to Tom Campbell (tree officer), Russell , Tony and Eugene for planning the planting sites and preparation. 
Tree Musketeer Action Day February 4th 2017 - Planting trees on Stoke Newington Common
Tree Musketeers planted seven trees on Stoke Newington Common on Saturday. This was planned and carried out in partnership with Stoke Newington Users Group. Since the late '90s, we have planted over eighty trees on the common!
All but one, were planted on the South Common, east of Rectory Road. The new trees are:
 *  two wild cherries (prunus avium), one on either side of the path from Brooke Road.
 *  two oaks (Quercus robor) amongst the shrubbery alongside the railway line. This involved clearing away the shrubbery, to get access to the planting area. Much of this was briars and thorns that made it particularly hard work, but it was done in a relatively short time, thanks to the volunteers who were in there with their goggles and gloves on!
*   two broad-leafed cockspur thorn (Crateagus prunifolia) near the north entrance and the 73 bus stand. This was particularly hard and took a few attempts, as we found a lot of hard brick and concrete once we started digging and the soil is heavy clay. And it was raining. Shelagh and Olga worked really hard on this site. But it was managed, and now two new cockspur thorn trees are growing there, the first of this species to be planted on Stoke Newington Common.
*  a field maple (Acer campestre) was planted on East Common along the path and opposite the playground.
 Several trees needed two guards. We were able to re-use a guard from a tree planted over ten years ago that subsequently died. It was fun (hard work) removing it.
 It rained early on and then stopped and later we had sunshine, catching the South Common beautifully as we were finishing, as if it was thanking us - maybe it was!.
 Thanks to Russell, Tom Campbell (LBH tree officer) and Berni (SNUG) for planning this planting and to Daven and others at LBH for transporting the trees, posts and guards.
 Thanks to Marley (who planted his first tree? - a wild cherry); to his grandmother Ivy who planted one of the oaks; to  Nick, Tony, Gillian, Olga and her daughter, Stephanie, Shelagh, Sheila, Suzy, Pete, Berni and Eugene.

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