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When will the council publish waste and recycling data for the last two years?

With the change to the new recycling system coming very soon we are left in the dark about what is happening to the amount of waste and recycling in our borough.  The council has not published any data since December 2011 when the Annual Monitoring…


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North London Waste - need for cooperation

The North London Waste Authority which includes Hackney has been developing the North London Waste Plan which will drive investment in waste management infrastructure for the next 20 years.  The NLWP will have significant implications for what happens to  Hackney's waste in future.

It was partly the need to come up with a "preferred option" for managing Hackney's waste as part of the NLWP which was behind the recent decision to…


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Decision made on move to commingled recycling

As expected Hackney's cabinet decided to accept the recommendation from the recycling team to move to commingled recycling collections, starting next spring.  This will mean an end to the green box collections and the introduction of recycling sacks instead.  Instead of being sorted by hand at the roadside the recycling will be sorted by machine at Bywaters MRF (Material Recycling Facility) in Leyton.…


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Sustainable Hackney Calls for consultation on recycling change

Today we've written to Cllr Demirci, the cabinet member responsible for waste and recycling as follows:-

"Sustainable Hackney understands that a paper on a change to the recycling system for street level properties will be presented to Cabinet on 20th March.  We feel that the proposed…


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A decision on recycling systems will be made on 20th March

A proposal to move to commingled collection for the borough will be decided on by the Cabinet Procurement committee on 20th March.

Council will debate the issue on 29th Feb, so let your councillor know what you think by writing to them at

See …


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Hackney Council to get rid of the green recycling boxes?

Hackney Council is conducting a trial of mixed recycling collections using orange bags in Cazenove Ward.  The bags replace the familiar green box, and the recycling is sorted at an MRF (Material Recycling Facility) rather than at the kerbside.  

We have concerns that the quality of the material will suffer and there will be more rejections, and we've written to the council's recycling officer to ask about our concerns.…


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