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Sustainable Hackney invests in Hackney's first solar Co-op

Banister House Solar offers an exciting new opportunity for individuals and organisations to support the generation of solar power in Hackney and to contribute to wider action to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.  The project has been 18 months in the planning and it has been a huge achievement to get to this stage. 

So far it has raised almost £40,000 towards the target of £142,000 which will make the project actually happen.  



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New Hackney-based Carbon Management and Communications consultancy

Just to let you all know that there is a new carbon management consultancy in Hackney, called Cool World Consulting (CWC).

With expertise in both communications and environmental sustainability, CWC helps organisations to measure and reduce their carbon emissions, and to clearly communicate their sustainability credentials and aspirations.

So far, CWC has worked…


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Grant funding to insulate your home

The Smart Homes grant scheme was launched this week with £6.5m in grant funding for energy-saving on homes in 6 London boroughs…


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The Haringey Carbon Commission Report - A Sustainable New Economy

This is a welcome new report from Haringey's Carbon Commission.

It shows how there need be no conflict between action on climate change, action on inequality, and economic prosperity. The report promotes the growth of green industry and innovative enterprise models in the borough to ensure relevant job opportunities are created locally and so that the benefits of the 'economic prize' are shared more equitably and address the unacceptable levels of inequality within the…


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Eco renovation of an older house

During Open House weekend I visited 74 Amhurst Road, which the owner has extensively renovated with the environment in mind.  Wall insulation, loft insulation, solar PV, efficient lighting, double-glazing, boiler heat recovery, water harvesting, and use of recycled materials are among the…


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Tilting at windmills - invite to new photo exhibition in Dalston

“Just then they came in sight of thirty or forty windmills that rise from that plain. And no sooner did Don Quixote see them than he said to his squire, ‘…I intend to do battle with them and slay them. With their spoils we shall begin to be rich for this is a righteous war...’

‘Take care, sir,’ cried Sancho Panza. ‘Those over there are not giants but windmills. Those things that seem to be their arms are sails which, when they are whirled around by the wind, turn the…


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Actions to improve insulation on Hackney Council Estates


Generally Hackney is a typical inner London Borough with limited scope for cavity wall insulation because so many of the homes have pre-1919 solid walls. While working as a paid surveyor on the Mayor of London’s RENEW programme I realised that this was not the case for homes originally built by Hackney Council. There is a band of estates scattered across Hackney built in the late 1970s easily identified by their non-standard bricks which were built with cavities. Most have…


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Renewable/ energy efficiency work

Friends of the Earth are running an exciting new campaign (alongside the Bees!) about energy - Clean British Energy. ( It's about Government action to support more UK renewable energy, and also encouraging people to switch their own suppliers.

We're also looking at renewables in Hackney, and at the recent Greener Hackney event (12 May) I agree to try and draw together people who were interested in…


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New guidance on planning considerations for renewable energy and energy efficiency measures

Following feedback from residents at the Greener Hackney event, we have pulled together planning guidance on a range of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures into a single page.


We hope that this will provide useful information to homeowners on whether a measure is likely to be suitable, and whether it is likely to need…


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You've got until the end of July to install solar PV and qualify for the 21p feed-in tariff

DECC has announced changes to the feed-in tariff for solar PV which will give some clarity for the future:

  • The next tariff reduction has been delayed until 1st August, giving wavering householders another month to install and qualify for the current tariff of 21p/unit.  Installers have been offering discounts to stimulate householders to make up their minds after the uncertainty of…

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Dalston Energy Angels Home Energy Assessment

The Dalston Energy Angels project, coordinated by the Arcola Theatre with government funding, is doing FREE home energy assessments during March!  …


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Warming up Hackney for the Green Deal

Hackney is in danger of losing out under the "Green Deal" and we need to warm up our communities in preparation for next year's launch if we are to get our fair share of the funding available.

A presentation from ACE (Association for the Conservation of Energy) at the Greener Hackney event on 15th October outlined details of how the "Green Deal" is expected to work from 2012.

The "Green Deal" which is currently going through parliament will enable private firms to…


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Solar electricity on your roof

There are a couple of initiatives in HAckney right now to get people using photo voltaic solar cells to produce electricity on roofs.  I'm thinking of installing a system on my roof in Dalston.  It should produce a good proportion of my electricity but only during the day.  There's no storage but it can feed back to the local grid (I'm told).

The other attraction is a feed in tarrif (FIT) return on the investment (about £10k).  The whole carbon economy is fraught with complexity…


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Why East Marsh was chosen for the turbine.

Thanks to a very poorly attended consultation event at the Town Hall this evening (9 members of the public) I think I now understand why East Marsh was chosen as the location for the 2nd Olympic turbine (another is to be built at Eton Manor in Waltham Forest). Evidently 'our' turbine will not be operational before Nov 2013, too late for the Olympics; but it must be within the Olympic site to satisfy a planning condition for Olympic legacy renewable energy. East Marsh is deemed to be…


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Power Politics and the Olympic Land Grab

One of the many issues not discussed in the Hackney Pravda advert for an Olympics wind turbine on East Marsh is why the turbine is not on the Olympics site. It is an Olympics project, i.e. ODA (Olympics Delivery Authority). The primary reason for building it is to create the illusion that the 2012 games will be Green and to help meet the 25% renewables condition of the IOC (Int. Olym Cmte) award. Rather than debate whether a turbine on East Marsh is a good or bad idea we should be…


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