Threatened Trees

A group of trees recently TPO'd are nevertheless in danger from development on the corner of Amhurst Park and Bethune Road. Can anyone suggest ways to protect them?

'Crabtrees' a local campaign have succeeded in getting some dozen trees in our back gardens and locally TPO'd, after an 8 year long campaign. Hurray! But this means nothing if the TPO's can be flouted -as seems to be happening.

  • James Diamond

    I'm not sure how the TPO system works, but I should think the council's tree officers would be the first point of call.  I met one of them recently and I think they have a quasi-legal powers to protect trees.

  • Russell Miller


    what is the nature of the threat?

    1. property/tree owners doing unauthorised work on the trees
    2. property/tree owners seeking permission to do authorised work on the trees
    3. planning application for building
    4. full planning permission granted

    The repsonse depends on the threat.  1 is an enforcement issue, 2 is an arboriculture issue and 3 and 4 planning issues.

  • Sally Haywill

    Thanks Russell,  I think 1 - 3 are involved. I just worry that enforcement will not be applied vigorously enough/in time to save the trees. Are there any 'higher bodies' one can appeal to/inform?