Sustainable Hackney is looking for volunteers to help run our organisation

Sustainable Hackney is 5 years old this year and some members of the Steering Group are looking to change the focus of their responsibilities.  So, we are looking for a Secretary, Membership Secretary and Green Drinks organiser. 

You need some basic administrative skills for these volunteer opportunities but you don't need to know about the environment (though you'll be very welcome if you do!) and you don't need to know everything right from the start.  I am the Secretary/Membership Secretary and Michael Calderbank has been organising the Green Drinks.  We are both continuing as members of the Steering Group and are here to help you develop into the roles and answer any queries.

The Secretary and Membership Secretary are both elected positions and you will need to stand for election at our AGM, which is likely to be in June.  Plenty of time to get to know what it is involved before then.

The role descriptions are attached.  Give me a ring if you want to know more.

Kathryn Johnson

Secretary, Sustainable Hackney

07738 567554

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